Powerful & Compact!


Jenny H.

Denver, Colorado

"Friggen love this thing! This pump saved my butt a few times because my tire has a slow leak. I just keep it in my car now just in case I get stranded somewhere and my tire is flat."

Jenny H.

Denver, Colorado 

"Friggen love this thing!

This pump saved my butt a few times because my tire has a slow leak."

Powerful & Compact!


What is InflateR? :

Portable & lightweight Tire Pump - Fits conveniently in you're car's glove box or in a backpack.

Can be used for anything that holds Air- You can inflate Vehicle Tires, Footballs, Soccer Balls, Motorbikes, Mountain bikes, and all other inflatables. Comes with every type of Nozzle to fit on any inflatable equipment.

150 PSI

Powerful Air Output- This Air Pump provides up to 150 psi of air output, and inflates tires in under 8 minutes!

Emergency Pump - Use InflateR when you need to inflate tires on the road or in emergencies.

Has a build in Power Bank - Large 2000 mAh battery to charge phones or other electronic devices. This also makes for a long battery life when pumping.

See Why People Love InflateR... 

4.7/5 Avg. Rating


This is a great mini pump to carry in my car when I need to top off the tire pressure

Thomas S.


I love that you set it to a certain pressure and the pump just turns off on its own after it's done.

Anna A.


Where was this in my life? I absolutely love this sleek versatile pump. 

Sarah D.

Underinflated Tires Cost You Money$$  

Underinflated tires have more friction against the ground and takes more Gas to accelerate. This can Cost You up to 490$ Every Year

  • Overinflated Tires are Dangerous!

Overinflated tires cause Decreased Traction due to less tire touching the pavement, which can result in Unavoidable Car Accidents. Your tires will also wear out faster as well, costing you money to replace more frequently.

Try Inflate-R Risk Free

Try it and if you don’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE Inflate-R, notify us within 30 days and will refund you your money. It's that simple.

Try InflateR Risk Free

Try it and if you don’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE InflateR, notify us within 30 days and will refund you your money. It's that simple.

Inflate Anything with the press of a Button

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Looking for Customer Support?

Please contact support@inflate-r.com and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible (within 24 hours at latest)!

How do I track my order?

Upon ordering an Inflate-R device, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain your order number, so be sure to keep that handy! If you have an issue with your order, you will need to provide that number so we can locate the order in our system.Once your order is shipped, you will receive another email that will contain your tracking number. You can use this number so track your order or you may also utilize our to look up the status of your order!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship internationally! International shipping usually takes 10-15 business days, but it can be longer based on the destination country. International shipping costs around $25 for each order, and there may be a customs fee. These costs may also change depending on the destination country.

How long does it take to Ship?

Once the purchase has been completed, your order will be shipped out Same Day or the next business day at the latest. Shipping usually takes 3-5 days for delivery on domestic orders.

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