You would Never guess how I this little gaget got me a promotion... 

I was on my way to work the other day, driving down the highway. It was kind of a special day, I had a meeting with my boss first thing at 8:30am, and this was no ordinary meeting. For the past year I was really trying hard to be noticed more for the work I was doing, you know, really trying to get noticed and prove to my boss that I deserved a promotion. I know I am worth it, but it has been hard trying to prove to my boss that I am. Often times he only see's whats going wrong at work and doesn't usually see all the things that are going right. 

He is one of those old school boss' that think being a few minutes late to work is the detrimental to the company... Yea so is his

Anyway, I really wanted to prove to him that I deserved a raise, and the one day to do that is at the annual performance review. 

I was very prepared for the review, and had a bunch of key points as to why I deserved a raise, after all, I was leading in sales for the last three months.. 

I had everything planned out, I was going to go over each major sale that I did and how it has helped me grow as an employee. All the client events and volunteering I helped organize. I really had a bunch of good points to bring up as to why I should be getting this promotion. 

The morning of the performance review with my boss, went TERRIBLY wrong...

It started off like any other day; shower, breakfast, coffee.. more coffee.. and then one coffee for the road. I was a little bit ahead of schedule, so that I could give myself some time before the meeting with my boss.

Then, as I was walking to my car, that's when I noticed it... My front driver side tire was nearly flat! I knew it has a slow leak as I had to keep going to a gas station to fill it up every so often. But this time is was almost completely flat... I had no time to deal with this, as I had my performance review in just 20 minutes and it takes 10 minutes to get to work. Then I realized this stupid tire was going to COST ME MY PROMOTION and potentially thousands of dollars! 

That god awful anxious feeling of being late to a meeting you hope to get a raise, or being stranded, somewhere is why I am writing this today. I don't want anyone else to have that feeling like I did, and no one has to! 

Luckily, I remembered my boyfriend bought this small electric Inflater air pump thing, and all I had to do was connect it to my tire and press the button. The tire was full in a few minutes, I drove to work and just barely made it to the meeting on time. This little pump saved me $3,000.00 cuz that's how much my raise was. And the reason I know why being on time saved me so much, because my co-worker Sonya, was late maybe 4 times this whole year and she never got a raise.. The reason she says, the Boss noticed her coming into work late a few times... Seriously, 4 times... But to lots of people think, being punctual is Everything! 

So, the moral of the story folks, is to think ahead before things go wrong. I just bought my own Inflate-R air pump for my car (mainly because my boyfriend needed his in his own car). Now, I just keep it in the trunk so that I know I won't ever have to think about it again. 

I was so compelled to share this story because I know there will be many, many more people that will also be in a similar situation as I was. Inflate-R was so shocked to hear this story, because, well honestly they never would have guessed this pump would have saved someone getting their Neither did I... So here is my gift to you, since I don't ever want you to go through the same stress or anxiety I did, I have the best deal you're going to get link below.

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